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​Along The Midway

This song is by Mystery Slang and appears on the album Venus Grove (1991).

I waited at the station
With the rain bouncing off the tarmac
Like silver nails caught in the headlights
I got in a cab and closed my eyes
Along the Midway on the Westway
And down the Autobahn
It was cold like out of town
I said baby I want you
Settle in you said and wait for you
Laid out like a dead-mack
I switched on a bottle of Nitetrain
And put my head back on the pillow
Until day break came
Don't give me your hard luck fucker
I want more life more life more life
Life seems like a shaking down
They take a pull on your life
And pass it round
More life
I want to kiss you
I want to love you
I want you to thrill when I talk to you
Oh come on come on
I got in that cab and headed out on the Midway
Along the Westway and down the Autobahn