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To All I Hated (2001)Edit

My Shameful - To All I Hated
To All I Hated
  1. A Shadow
  2. Too Late
  3. Too All I Hated
  4. Hope Torn

Of All The Wrong Things (2003)Edit

My Shameful - Of All the Wrong Things
Of All the Wrong Things
  1. Scattered Ashes
  2. Blackened Lies
  3. A Saddened Sunset
  4. The Wind That Burns All
  5. Beneath
  6. I Fear
  7. Blamed

...Of Dust (2004)Edit

My Shameful - ...Of Dust
...Of Dust
  1. ...Of Dust
  2. And Waters Will Close
  3. Your Darkness Shine
  4. One Lost
  5. I Found Nothing Sacred
  6. These Empty Rooms
  7. Disappointment
  8. To Never Return

The Return To Nothing (2006)Edit

My Shameful - The Return to Nothing
The Return to Nothing
  1. The Same Grey Light
  2. Days Grow Darker
  3. No Dawn
  4. The Return To Nothing
  5. It Can't Get Worse
  6. Silent
  7. Just One
  8. Return

Descend (2008)Edit

My Shameful - Descend
  1. Allconsuming
  2. Deity Of Retribution
  3. This Hate
  4. Of Haunting
  5. Kill The Emptiness
  6. Unrepentant
  7. Self-Abuse

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