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Carnal Revelations

This song is by My Own Grave and appears on the album Necrology (2009).

Severed by primordial rage
Dismembered, torn apart
Pounding with adrenaline
All thoughts drowned in blood
Rush through the weak
Drawing strength immune to pain
A litany for violence, eclipsed by wrath

Once again the world is smashed
Butchered to a mess of blackened hemorrhage
Art hung from entrails
A murderous exhibition of carnage
In cold blood

Macabre displays of inhumanity
Carnal revelations of the flesh

All the years of suffocation erupts in mutilation
Repugnant scenes
Of man becoming beasts
Senses heightened
Watching, scenting reek of human fear
An epidemic bloodlust too strong to contain within

Beneath dead layers of humanity
Lies a carnal core
Savage thoughts struggling for regression
To be reborn

Carnal revelations of the flesh

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