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Victor, Fly Me To Stafford

This song is by My Little Airport and appears on the album the ok thing to do on sunday afternoon is to toddle in the zoo (2004).

This is the last song I write for you.
This is the last night I think of you.
Your name is Victor Ching, what do you do?
I phoned you this morning you couldn't hear me, I sent you letter you couldn't receive.
It's my favorite game, but I have changed.
It's too late to say I miss you Victor Ching, and you are on your way to Stafford in UK.
I know it's too late to say I'm fond of you.
You've got a girl from Singapore who you didn't like before.
I love you when you no longer love me.
I need you when you no longer need me.
You wanted me, but you have changed already.
It's too late to say I miss you Victor Ching

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