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Princess Of The Queens (The Lost Generation)

This song is by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and appears on the album Sexplosion! (1991).

You're the lost generation, you'll never compromise
Here's a superficial kiss, now, taste me with your eyes
You're the lost generation, the lost generation
Helpless and untrue, all this psycho drama worship
Yeah baby, I'm talkin' 'bout you, hey

The lost generation, take a trip into the night
Close the door, the mood is right
Shed the fear that locks you in
Prepare for love, prepare for sin

Break the chains that keep you bound
I'll life you up and tie you down
Play the part and feel the scene I'll be your king
If you're my queen, hey, the lost generation


  • Buzz McCoy - writer, programming, keys
  • Groovie Mann - writer, vocals
  • Jasmine Night - vocals


Written by:

Daley Marston E; Nardiello Frank Nicholas

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