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This song is by My Favorite Highway and appears on the EP Anywhere But Here (2006).

Light breaks through a crack in the shades
Starting off another day, (it all feels the same)
She takes in the morning air
A faint smile while she does her hair, (she's unaware)
She remarks, but she never complains
Big dreams that are never in vain, (never change)
I picture her in her car
Singing along to her favorite rock star, (she's a star)

Don't let it pull you down
Don't let it burn you out
You're so much stronger than you know

Down here time moves so slow
Life could pass you by and you wouldn't know, (who wouldn't know)
Things change but the rarely do
Count the days as the barely move, (you did what you had to)
If you feel the sudden urge to escape
A fast car and your favorite mix tape, (run away)
If you feel that you're needing to cry
Run to these arms, they won't ask you why, (dry your eyes)

So please don't go away
Say you'll stay with me

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