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Walk Puppet Walk

This song is by MyGRAIN and appears on the album Signs Of Existence (2008).

As I fight the things pulling strings of my life
I'm force-fed by your endless night
As I walk the line you drain empty my shell - you flame up my hell!
Boiling beneath my pale skin
Pulsating inherent craving

Perpetual motion machinery
Inert inside, waiting to arise
Infertile piece of perfect bloom
Polluting time bomb ticking for the doom
Walk puppet walk - now march forever!
Perpetual motion machines running in vain
Walk puppet walk - let's burn together
Sleepwalking its bleak interiors/ soldiers of its dark interiors

Taste their perfect disaster
See your life burning faster
Born mindless freak on a leash
Pawn in the playground of fatal feast
Filling my lungs with your deadening air
Toppled down to crawl up again stair by stair
I'm sick of spilling but black
Marking my warpath with loss and wrath

Blindly deify, this intoxicating mirthless divine!

In control... asphyxiated... self-destructive... intoxicated
Forever unspoken... inert and broken... we breed... we live... we die

Drained luminosity
Condemned to obscurity

Erased feelings and incomprehensible pain
My wounded flesh reflects your intolerable flame

I'm the man that makes you sick
The infectious paralyzing prick
I will feed this repetitive pattern
Until your sanctuary haven shatters
Erased feelings, incomprehensible pain
My wonded flesh reflects your intolerable flame
Burn or fade - back to daylight is far away

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