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This song is by MyGRAIN and appears on the album Orbit Dance (2006).

You shed your soul to be content / Claiming it's worth the every cent
Into, this plastic bath you went / So take a glimpse of happiness for rent

Filter your thoughts with a material / Distress is now here to enter you
Pass the day with your fast lane / And lick that red carpet to end your pain

Plastic inside / It's all in your mind / The secure of a synthetic love
Collide, my love proof exterior / Take my hate's interior
Drop down from the grace, it's all like a race

There lays an intoxication of self-assertion / we're about to break
There bleaks the illumination for realisation / when we are to speak
It's the prison of material and blue / a plastic bath for me and you
We're the prey for reality / for these moments of mortality...

Those little things invite you inside / A sparkle of a plastic mind makes a misery-park
I'll be watching at you outside so take a free ride / I open myself to your emptiness tonight

The lag wagons for miscellaneous time / These walls keep us down to calcify