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Killing Time

This song is by MyGRAIN and appears on the album Signs Of Existence (2008).

Sky is falling, words disappear - unearthing salvation
Scream between the lines so no one hears
The story never ends, scars will never mend
... Killing time!

Infected thoughts piercing your brain - escapist isolation
Relentless illusion, severe solution... into eternity
Overshadowed of serpent speech, mirror image like a leech
Imbalanced symbiosis drains profound idioglossia to a waste

Blackened heart no longer tells nothing at all
Redeeming ghost of the empty call
Staring through the hourglass
Awaiting to discard
Killing time - mirror for the dead eye
(Blackened heart no longer tells nothing at all
Killing time - mirror for the dead eye!)

And I'll be reborn...
Deviate from the pattern
Proliferate the adapted memories
Blend in to confusion
Break the puzzle of repetitive illusions

Reflecting emulated spirits to desolation
Adapting secret codes to reverse evolution

No longer she emerges from veiled scars
Blackened holes in hearts with no shooting stars
No longer she adapts the space of inner terrains
Stalemate end with immovable pain
Cryptophasia, bound unveiled masquerade
Wasted time, wasted sacrifice
Darkness of her consuming shadow
... Lights up no tomorrow

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