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This song is by MyChildren MyBride and appears on the album MyChildren MyBride (2012).

I brush my hands over their eyes
My fingertips lightly touch the lids to close them from their statuesque stare
No one knows when their last breath will be, no one knows the last night that they'll sleep
Live every day like it's your last
Like it is your last
Every single person that hears this will surely die
What happens between now and then completely relies on you
You wasted half your life away
You used your life for nothing
You lost your chance to make something of the days that you were given
Think of all the people whose lives end short and then the people who wish they were living
Here's the change to change your ways, start living life to its fullest
Give, love, provide, nourish, do all this and your life will flourish
If you live your life for what you love, then you'll love the life you live.

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