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Black Cloud

This song is by MyChildren MyBride and appears on the album MyChildren MyBride (2012).

You are the cause of my misery
The black cloud that hovers over me
You follow, and then you follow more
I feel your reign in the midst of war.

They say that we're young, and yeah, they say that we're dumb
My legs are moving backwards, all the while I'm looking forward
This is a reflection of who I want you to think I am
But deep inside this mirror lies truth.
Follow the white rabbit down her hole
I feel nothing, I feel nothing at all.
You can dissect me, bleed me dry of everything.
Your reign will reap no harvest. x2
I will let you down
Every second you count on me, I will let you down
Every day that passes by, I will let you down
Time and time again, I will let you down
For once in my life I thought I was breaking ground
But the only ground I'm breaking is the one that ends six feet down.

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