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Two Friends Like Us

This song is by Musée Mécanique and appears on the album Hold This Ghost (2008).

Stained glass and telephones,
Trace the edges of these creaking bones,
Where sunlight dares not go,
Stained glass and telephones,
Shadows now where once our fingers wrote,
Along you arm,
Little kisses in the dark,
Strangers like us,

Pacing the floor naked,
Wrapping up in blankets as you said,
You're not like other men,
Strange we've never met before and then,
The lights went out,
Smoke comes curling from your mouth,
Tangled like us.

Reading your letter I,
Hope that we could meet some future time,
That we could stroll the park,
Drinking wine and talking until dark,
And then we'd part,
Seems to me that it's a start,
Two friends like us...

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