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Song From the Street (1971)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Song From the Street

Song From the Street

  1. Honky Red
  2. Child's Song
  3. Sixteen Lanes of Highway
  4. Old Man's Song
  5. Carmelita
  6. Farmer's Song
  7. You Need a New Lover Now
  8. Golden Trumpet
  9. Revelations
  10. Down by the Henry Moore
  11. Shoeshine Workin' Song
  12. Maybe Tonight
  13. Do You Dream of Being Somebody
  14. Sweeping the Spotlight Away
  15. Cross Country
  16. So Far From You
  17. Harder to Get Along
  18. On the Boulevard
  19. Train Song
  20. As Lonely as You
  21. Hard Rock Town
  22. Whispering Rain
  23. Little Dreamer
  24. Playin' Your Emotions
  25. Try Walkin' Away
  26. Into a Mystery
  27. Don't Put Your Faith in Men
  28. If the Wind Could Blow My Troubles Away
  29. Never Did Like That Train
  30. Red River Flood
  31. Out Past the Timberline
  32. Love With a Capital L
  33. Swinging on a Star
  34. Burned Out Car
  35. No Change in Me
  36. Path of the Moon

Murray McLauchlan (1972)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Murray McLauchlan

Murray McLauchlan

  1. No Time Together Today
  2. Lady Soul
  3. I Wanna Watch You Move
  4. Old Man's Song
  5. Billy Mcdaniels
  6. Lose We
  7. Quiet Places to Come Home To
  8. Carmelita
  9. Big Bad City
  10. The Farmer's Song

Day to Day Dust (1973)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Day To Day Dust

Day To Day Dust

  1. Hurricane of Change
  2. Revelations
  3. Linda, Won't You Take Me In
  4. The Fool Who'd Watch You Go
  5. Two Bit Nobody
  6. Six for Five
  7. You Need a New Lover Now
  8. Golden Trumpet
  9. Paradise
  10. Midnight Break

Sweeping the Spotlight Away (1974)Edit

Murray Mclauchlan - Sweeping The Spotlight Away

Sweeping the Spotlight Away

  1. Down by the Henry Moore
  2. The Next in Line
  3. Honey, Let's Get up and Dance
  4. Shoeshine Workin' Song
  5. Maybe Tonight
  6. Takin' My Leave
  7. Do You Dream of Being Somebody
  8. Ragged Hobo Bums
  9. Sweeping the Spotlight Away

Only the Silence Remains (1975)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Only The Silence Remains

Only The Silence Remains

  1. One Night by My Window
  2. Honky Red
  3. Rye Whiskey
  4. Old Man's Song
  5. Down by the Henry Moore
  6. You Need a New Lover Now
  7. So Far From You
  8. Linda (Won'tcha Take Me In)
  9. Farmer's Song
  10. Golden Trumpet
  11. Two-Bit Nobody
  12. Billy Mcdaniels
  13. Child's Song
  14. Maybe Tonight
  15. I Met You at the Bottom
  16. Back on the Street

Boulevard (1976)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Boulevard


  1. Harder to Get Along
  2. Train Song
  3. Met You at the Bottom
  4. La Gurre C'est Fini Pour Moi
  5. On the Boulevard
  6. As Lonely as You
  7. Crying to Me
  8. Slingback Shoes
  9. Gypsy Boy

Hard Rock Town (1977)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Hard Rock Town

Hard Rock Town

  1. Love Comes and Goes
  2. Poor Boys
  3. The Man Who Sings the Blues
  4. Love Can Make Ya
  5. Well Well Well
  6. Hard Rock Town
  7. Immigrant
  8. Sweet Song of Asia
  9. When the Taxman Comes
  10. Straight Outa Midnight

Storm Warning (1981)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Storm Warning

Storm Warning

  1. Wouldn't Take Another Chance on Love
  2. If the Wind Could Blow My Troubles Away
  3. Falling off a Highwire
  4. Desire
  5. How Many Times Can a Fridge Breakdown
  6. Stranger
  7. Born Again
  8. If You Need a New Lover Now
  9. Tell Your Mother She Wants You

Heroes (1984)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Heroes


  1. Railroad Man
  2. Little Brothers of the Wood
  3. Smoke on the Wind
  4. Highways in the Sky
  5. Barroom Ladies and Michelangelos
  6. Moonlighting
  7. Sayonara Maverick
  8. Ten Thousand Miles From Shore
  9. Song for Captain Keast
  10. On Your Last Go Round
  11. Heroes
  12. Horses Sure Can Thrill You

Swinging on a Star (1988)Edit

  1. Swinging on a Star
  2. Love With a Capital "L"
  3. My Imaginary Tree
  4. I Can't Make That Mistake Again
  5. You Can't Be Fooled
  6. Bobby and Caroline
  7. Please Don't Call It Runnin' Away
  8. Heart Upon His Sleeve
  9. Now I'm Blessed
  10. The Natural State

Whispering Rain (1999)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Whispering Rain

Whispering Rain

  1. Highway One
  2. What Would Bogey Do?
  3. Lady Luck
  4. Somebody's Long Lonely Night
  5. When You're Young (And You Don't Know Nothing)
  6. Nassau Town
  7. Somebody That You Used to Love
  8. You Can't Win
  9. You've Got No Time
  10. One Who's in the Past

Gulliver's Taxi (1999)Edit

Murray McLauchlan - Gulliver'S Taxi

Gulliver's Taxi

  1. Columbus
  2. Dirty Boulevard
  3. Brown-Eyed Man
  4. Burned Out Car
  5. Rock 'n' Roll
  6. Secrets of the Heart
  7. No Change in Me
  8. White Water
  9. I Put My Gun Away
  10. Disappearing
  11. Where the Sweet Waters Flow
  12. To the End of the Road

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Just Get Older
  2. You Make My Loneliness Fly

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