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The Party

This song is by Murray Head and appears on the album Nigel Lived (1973).

Looking immaculate reflection tells all
I've got sparkle, glitter says the mirror on the wall
I'm a new man, world, at your beck and call
Ring the bell, straighten tie hear those sounds within
Hope I'm liked, musn't try, try too hard to grin
The lights are dim
"Step right in baby, what's your name
This is home dearie, call me Jane
I'm your hostess I really am the mostest
Find your own way, there are good sounds
To groove to even cooler to move to
- Invited did you say?"

People weaving and cutting and squeezing the air
Clapping and stomping raving and romping -
They're all so debonair!
My name's Daphne and I know you're spare
Jane's just told me - do you like my hair?
They all say I'm trendy they're jealous 'cause I'm friendly
I'll show you how to dance - it's really
Quite easy just hold me and squeeze me
- Is your name really Lance?

Music seems louder head's turning faster around
Faces are merging, with lights that are flickering
To sound - can't feel the ground. Get the sign
When the sirens start to whine, grab
A pretty chick, while you've still got time
Try not to panic - make a quick exit, leave
The sorting to the law, people are leaving
Pushing and squeezing... out of the door!

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