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Nigel, Nigel

This song is by Murray Head and appears on the album Nigel Lived (1973).

Nigel, Nigel why did you leave us
We didn't mean to bring you down so far,
We only meant to please you
We only meant to tease, you made us laugh
Nigel, Nigel you know we loved you
We even tried to treat you like a friend
Our faith in you lost out in the end - the end

Since you've left us it's not been the same
There's no-one to tease life seams on the wane

Nigel, Nigel what're you going to do now
How can you live without our company
You know we were the last word.
You know there's no other world but our society
Nigel Nigel if you'd asked us
You know we'd have you back again to stay
We're sure you'd want to more than you can say

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