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Miss Illusion

This song is by Murray Head and appears on the album Nigel Lived (1973).

There's a haze and its grey on your screen
The pirate's said his last goodnight
Your records have been borrowed
Your friends have come and been
And you're getting more and more uptight

The man next door is ready to smile and yawn
Your parents are asleep in their bed
You could wait up and watch for the dawn
With you, yourself, and someone in your head

You've used up all your toys
Your only interest's boys
You'd better force yourself to sleep

You're feeling bored and wasting away
It happens very often night and day
There's no point in hanging on
'Cause Godot' will never come
And if he did he'd have nothing much to say...

You're used up all your toys
You're only interests boys
You'd better force yourself to sleep

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