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This song is by Murray Head and appears on the album Nigel Lived (1973).

Once I was a mariner
Who sailed the seven seas
Once I was a pilot
Who ruled the southern skies
Once I was a pilgrim father
Who roamed the northern lands
Now I'm back again
Without my travel guide
A while ago you called me brother
When I lent a helping hand
Now I'm down here with you brother
Can you give me more than sand
When you had nothing I had all
You took what I had freely
Now's the time I need your help
Can you recognize the needy

Skin is feeling itchy
Neck begins to ache
Bodies getting twitchy
Nerves are going to break
Stone Cold Sweat

Oh for the wings - wings of a dove
Fly me away to a heaven above
To get away from all I've done
I've lost the will to love

Better go and find a sympathetic friend
Such a broken mind I think I'm near the end
Who the hell to turn to I'm really on my own
See the candle burn through as I die alone
And yet there's someone always there!

Round and round and round I go
Split the difference twixt the flow - I'm a river?
Round and round and round I go
Twice as fast, and half as slow - I'm a river
Lose your mind, a substitute,
Another find, another root
Will do

Where d'ya live - and what's yer name
What d'ya do - are you sane?

A hustler baby, that's my brand
Bending, weaving, roller sleeving, gutter crawling, ever falling
A hustler baby give a hand
Keep on living hopes misgiving blindly leading, barely feeding
Hustler baby there's nothing else

Sail away to paradise
On vaulted wings a sacrifice
To him
Purple clouds are hanging high
Take me back I hear them cry
Me an ode

Hurl the mind through matted hair
Taste the salt in curling hair
Is it cold

Exploring fresh horizons
Instead of marking time
Best to get out while you can
Doesn't matter what you find
Feet upon the footstep
Whistle blows farewell
I tried to wave
But I hadn't the heart
Have I paved my way to hell?

Such pain...
I'm choking and holding my tears away
Such joy...
I'm cloaking and folding my fears away
And facing my fate that awaits me
Too late to go back. And facing my fate that awaits me
Too late to go-