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​City Scurry

This song is by Murray Head and appears on the album Nigel Lived (1973).

Rise and shine early with a toothpaste smile
Walk a little faster, join the rank and file
Do yourself a favor, buy a morning paper
Better buy a briefcase, do it in style
Make yourself busy as you next door neighbor
Race him to the bustop have your coffee later
Spirit of the nation, got to make the station
'Cause they made an alteration, there's been an altercation
If you beat the rush you can find yourself a seat
Time to look at ladies who knows who you'll meet
Light up a cigarette, rest your weary feet
You know that you can hurry, do the city scurry
No cause for you to flurry, do the city scurry to work
Such a ceremony is it necessary can there be no other way?
Find a sanctuary one that's salutary - not imaginary - real in your head
- In your head
See those peoples mouths turned down at the corners
Maybe they were born like that a system to warn us
To show us where their heads are at
Doesn't have to be like that
Be a business diplomat think of something nice to say
Competition eggs them on to cheat one another
Turn them on to work with love that each man's their brother
Jealousy has slowed them down
Envy only makes them frown
Hope they gain awareness and rediscover
A way to really love their work
To get it on and not to shirk
To do the very best they can
To share their hopes with every man
To give before they think of taking
To know a new world's in the making
Maybe it'll happen just like that one day
Perhaps its even started and we're on the way --
Who knows