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Big City

This song is by Murray Head and appears on the album Nigel Lived (1973).

It seems so far away
But once you're here to stay
Life even starts the day
You make the light of town
Sixty nine varieties of everything you want
Money rings in every ear there's no such word as can't...
Sounds you never heard and sights you've never seen
You'll feel a man at last and realise your every dream

You can expect to make it
Within a month you'll break it
You'll never know what living
Really means, till it has penetrated
That you're emancipated once you
Are dedicated to the life the city leads
See for yourself

Come and see the city lights diamonds in the sky
People smart and dressing pretty
Ambition in their eye
Their homes are concrete palaces
Their streets a wonder walk the only people in the world who can
Make your money talk

You can expect to make it
Within a month you'll take it
City is so easy to storm there'll be
No disillusion
Like joining an institution
You'll have such new food for thought
Come and try to see for yourself...

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