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This song is by Murder Construct and appears on the album Results (2012).

They have arrived
They've got the product
We've got the currency
And know how to move it...
Supply - Demand
Way out of hand
Across this land
And into our veins

Pinches humanos
Pinches babosos
Pinches gueros
Amor sus dragos!
Es el único negocio
Su única tradicion

You can expect the murder
Of your family if you talk
We're going to kill your community
And decapitate your cops
The names of your public officials
Are now inscribed on all of our missiles
Fuck all the nationalists
We're decapitation loving capitalists

Todos que queremos resultados!
Nunca se quejaron antes
Todo lo que querían eran las drogas
Hasta George Bush les rompió

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