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Gold Digger

This song is by Murder Construct and appears on the album Results (2012).

Show us... what you're made of: bullshit
Bless us... with your never ending insight: nonsense
Do you remember... what it was you did?
Have you forgotten?
Are you that ignorant?
For your past transgressions, ones I shall not forgive
Unlucky for you I never forget

Your greed was so astounding,
Your heart started pounding
When you heard those numbers...
That were to pay off your new life
Drop everything, gain everything
That money can't be passed up
He's a tyrant. He's a gold digger.
It's not "we", it's not "us"
Its just "me" and "I"...

Is it "talking shit" if it's the truth?
Is it "talking shit" if there were witnesses?
Who convinced you you're worth something... anything?
Who held your hand through life?
Who said "everything will be all right"?
Who cushioned the blow?
How much cash did they throw away?

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