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Dead Hope

This song is by Murder Construct and appears on the album Results (2012).

We've found a way to live in being hopeless
We've found there's so much to give in giving back nothing
We've only this dead hope that keeps us going
We've only got this rope to keep us hanging... on

Where is this free life I've heard so much about?
Who gave you this voice?
Who let you have your say?

Stop placing the blame,
Stop chasing the lame,
You're all the same
Get up on your feet or accept the defeat
Stop sucking at the teat of society

We've got some plans for you,
Time to clean up this city
We've got demands for you,
Which you will fulfill
We've got some time to kill,
In which we will

It's your time to go,
Time has stood still much too long
Billions of dead cannot be wrong
We're better off in the great beyond
Silent, happy to be gone
We've only this dead hope that keeps us living
We've only enough rope to keep us hanging on and on and, fucking on

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