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This song is by Murder Construct and appears on the EP Murder Construct (2010).

You, the first, whom shall not be the last
Your days are numbered, those days have passed
The realization of truths only propel the ignorance
Pushed to new heights of crushing lows
The lowest of absolute and total depravation
The man who once ran the show
Has become a complex joke, a fucking freak of nature
Past glories tarnished now dead as I take


Empty thoughts
And words
Thinly veiled
Self hate

A man who lies to himself
Attempts to convince
Those he has usurped
Pathetic con
Artist with the
Canvas of

And beaten
Cannot outrun
All his convictions

But he wears a brave mask
(With) heart and mind now broken
His past pursues him
He's forced to lose



The tedious prospect of wading through your many curses
Has left one hell of a shell of a "man"
The disillusioned move on, emptied of all the hope
They were promised early on from your crumbling Babylon
All that it took to mend and repair all your wrongs
Was a simple matter of respect - concept you can't dissect
Left with nothing - a pale skeleton of the past
An object of stupidity - out of your


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