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This song is by Munly And The Lupercalians and appears on the album Petr And The Wulf (2010).

Be I jealous of the fear the nonsense the Wulf puts in you
But pity is off limits here you put me in decent fear
I speed along the bowerpaths, through chokecherry scrub
that wants me too...
It reaches out like Bedlam loons.

Be I secretive to survive cause a dog is lusting on my scent
I spray hard upon the bee hive, flys gather there, lay eggs inside
The Hunter breathes deep my leavings, fly eggs fall in
his pock-nose dents...The hive livens and hunts him down
as Ive sent.

Be I willful with my manner milkfull girls wont make me crave.
Be I small inside my stature unreasoned fear is what Im after
My shrunken gut decides confusion from bowerpaths
I wont be swayed...Less fly tricked and on me their eggs do lay.

The air fall to the ground again
This cat falls and is falteringly human

Cat call

I have heard the she-cats calling compete and bark for my strut
I see Three Hunters now approaching I cant hide while she-cats sing
That boy he wants to be companioned but girls has got me in their rut...
Human feelings I cant shut.

The air fall to the ground again
This cat falls and is falteringly human.

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