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Poser Disposer

This song is by Municipal Waste and appears on the split album Municipal Waste/Thrashaholics Unanimous (2002) by Municipal Waste and Crucial Unit.

In this small town, there lies something
Rarely seen by human beings
On a deserted road, in a dusty shed
There is a place where evil is fed

Corpse lay strewn out
Like decorations on the wall
Where many posers fought to keep their lives
But eventually fucking lost!

Poser disposer will tear you apart!

Tight pants, white belt
Hair looks like a rooster
You just topped the list
For an attitude booster

Poser disposer will tear you apart!

Fueled by the blood
Of the posers it's destroyed
Causing death and carnage
From the moment it's deployed

Chips of severed bones
Fly through the gears
Dying screams of mangled posers
Ringing through your ears!

Perhaps one day you'll cross the path
Of this machine of fucking thrash

You're disposed!

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