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Insurance Fraud

This song is by Municipal Waste and appears on the split album Municipal Waste/Thrashaholics Unanimous (2002) by Municipal Waste and Crucial Unit.

Down and out? Broke again?
Bills are piling to your chin
Well here's a plan that's pretty sick
If you're in need of money quick

Just contact us, we'll screw the man
This is our insurance plan!

And after we're done
Those Geico motherfuckers
Aren't gonna know what hit 'em!

We'll cut brake lines, we'll slice your tires
We'll hit you in the face with a pair of pliers!

We'll light the match
We'll crash your car, swing bats!

Insurance fraud!

Make sure you're fully covered
With a sweet insurance plan
So you can reap the benefits
Of this fucking brilliant scam

For one lump sum
The Waste will give you all your riches
With a couple of broken legs
And about four hundred stitches!

We want trucks, jetskis and a grill!

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