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Chemical Artillery (The Toxic Survival)

This song is by Municipal Waste and appears on the split album Municipal Waste/Thrashaholics Unanimous (2002) by Municipal Waste and Crucial Unit.

A fire burned across the land
To destroy all mankind
Warriors clad with toxic pistols
Now rising from the slime

Armies pour onto the streets
Wasting what is pure
The smell of revolution
Quickly climbing from the sewer

Oozing flesh prevails
The city slowly rots
While the waste is chilling
In their room smoking lots of pot

Cities left in flames
Streets paved with refuse
Toxic soldiers charge the world
Chemical abuse

In toxic war!
We will survive!

There's fire all around
Time's up! This is it!
Let's burn 'em to the ground
Stand up! Waste that shit!

The world is melting down
The human race is forced to quit
In this toxic war
We are chemically fit!

In toxic war!
We will survive!

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