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Shit Reminders

This song is by Mumakil and appears on the album Flies Will Starve (2013).

Get a well paid job
Get yourself a mean dog
Build a safe sweet home
For a future family
Buy yourself a wife
Say "cheese" to the camera
Make the 2-5 kids
You were told to make

And mine the ground around
Your brand new property
Sitting, but sinking on a shit throne
One more slave has chosen his fate

Ready to shoot your friends in the back
But ready to turn on your heels and run, too...
Using people as tools
To shape as a snake this new world of yours
The way your sick mind approved
The way you've been forced to... or not

I wish I could be careless
But I can't, you're the shit reminders
That fill up the space
Make me think you chose the path of glory
By fighting for something
Waiting for you to spit
Waiting for you to die


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