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This song is by Mumakil and appears on the album Behold the Failure (2009).

The end is at hand
The winds of chaos are blowing
Chaos and lost civilizations
Our global leaders march for rise to power
As radiation keeps on spreading
We're condemned to grow in this filth
And to infinitely bear the cross
The kings of the earth
In their quest of power
Have condemned us all
Contamination through religions
Trends, False hope
The beast disguised in an angel
Fallen demigods
Politicians now will pay for greed
Brothers in Slavery
You don't fit in the place you should
Not doing the job they made for you
Following steps too big for you
Shut your dreams down as you're told
Walking on another cast step
Hold the line as you shall be crushed
Rising up the sleepy crowd
Until you head gets chopped
We don't give a shit about your world dominion
We do not belong to your fucking herd
Don't need or want your global advices
Spit on your face from this worthless place
We shall not be the brothers in slavery
We will not be the brothers in slavery

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