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Loss (2001)Edit

Mull Historical Society - Loss
  1. Public Service Announcer
  2. Watching Xanadu
  3. Instead
  4. I Tried
  5. This Is Not Who We Were
  6. Barcode Bypass
  7. Only I
  8. Animal Cannabus
  9. Strangeways Inside
  10. Mull Historical Society
  11. Paper Houses/Loss


  1. Industrial Hangers (on the single Animal Cannabus)
  2. Ugly Buildings Are Beautiful (on the single Animal Cannabus)
  3. Some You Win Some You Lose (on the single I Tried)

Us (2003)Edit

Mull Historical Society - Us
  1. The Final Arrears
  2. Am I Wrong
  3. Oh Mother
  4. Asylum
  5. Live Like The Automatics
  6. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
  7. Minister For Genetics & Insurance M.P.
  8. 5 More Minutes
  9. Gravity
  10. Can
  11. The Supermarket Strikes Back
  12. Clones
  13. Her Is You
  14. Us/Whiting Of The People
Enhanced CD Bonus Tracks
  1. Can't Do It
  2. You Asked Her to Marry You
  3. MHS Lady
  4. When I'm Awake (Cavum)

This Is Hope (2007)Edit

Mull Historical Society - This Is Hope
This Is Hope
  1. I Am Hope!
  2. Peculiar
  3. How 'Bout I Love You More
  4. Treescavengers
  5. This Is The Hebrides
  6. Tobermory Zoo
  7. Death O£ A Scienti$T (Vision Of Man Over Machine, 2004)
  8. Your Love, My Gain
  9. Casanova At The Weekend
  10. My Friend The Addict
  11. Len
  12. In The Next Life (A Requiem)

Group MembersEdit

Record labels

Other SongsEdit

  1. Final Arrears

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