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Any Given Day

This song is by Mudmen and appears on the album Overrated (2003).

Any given day, any given time
It doesn't have to be so messed up
Honestly you'll heal in time
You don't know what to say
It doesn't have to rhyme
You could have been a little more realistic
If you had the time

Just don't try and count me out
Yesterday is just like tomorrow
Time is here for us just to borrow
Yesterday is just like, any given day, just like any given day

You should have been so proud
Just look what you have done
Your soul has not been washed
For all this time that you've been on the run
You're coming in too fast
Celebrity no skin
It's not the ups and downs that you pushed out
It's all this doubt you're in

I would try and count you out
(Repeat 3 last lines of above chorus)

I'll just suffer here today, one more game to play
And I ran out of mind I, ran out of mind they say

Chorus Out

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