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This song is by Mr. Pookie and appears on the album Tha Rippla (2000).

(Mr. pookie)
Destiny, now can you tell me wha's tha meanin'
Where I'm goin' in this life, it's so trife, I get to skeemin and dreamin'
Is thea a way I can make my route pay
Talkin' bout tha shit I used to do back in tha day
But hey, times are hard and 4 me it's get harder
Got so many problems, they jus build up real quick like tarter
Avoid tha few, and jus hang wit tha crew, as if you didn't knew
It be that stoneycrook crew, it's a hard life
And it's affectin me so strong, sleepin' hea and sleepin' thea
Not havin' a place to call my home, this is wrong
I ain't neva had it hard like this
But momma always told it would be a day like this
Dirty po shit, baby I can't do it too long
'Cause I don had too much to stay down, gotta eat and stay strong
Even though my brotha, he'll be thea through thick and thin
Wont be gon in tha wind, like so called friends
Pick up tha pen, let if flow like tha trinity
Problems steady killin' me, gotta get some ends in my vicinity
I'm in it deep, reep when I'm smashin on yo homies
I didn't wanna do it, me and my baby need some money
Hungry for this rap shit, phony, oh no, not this
Wanted by tha po-po's, they won't get me, I'm too swift
Dip off to tha cliff, k-roc fiya up this splif
Ain't nobody pagin me, cut our pager off this hip, it's a trip

Wha is my destiny? tell me

Got some problems in my mind, rewind, so I can find it
These niggaz need to realize, my team gon keep climbin
To find tha true meanin', haitian, devestation
Not knowin' wha you're facin, can be a lifetime complication
So I'm lacin, these blunts wit weed, keep my g's, right beside me
I dunno where danger is goin' to find me
Behind these doors that's where I stay
Wit a blunt up in my mouth and a cocked ak

And each day, I get tempted by these hoe ass niggaz
So-so ass niggaz, jus po ass niggaz
And I been broke b4 playa, but I kept my dreamin'
And I ain't neva lettin it go 4 no goddamn cream
Now fuck a football team, fuck that shit, what this means
Is that I be damned if I'm 40 still servin' these fiends
And all tha shit I seen, wasn't no diamonds and pearls
My destiny is to be blind from this fucked up world

(Mr. pookie)
Still doin' bad, but life is bout to change
My homie jus called me 'cause he was bout to lace tha game
You willin' to rip it wit tha rockla and tha rap?
Makin' bread off wha you said, puttin' dallas on tha map
Say no mo, I'll be ready when tha time is right
Got to be patient in this game, but that's hard in life
I got to fight, off hataz while I'm duckin tha laws
Keep some money in my pocket, clothes, shoes and draws
Neva pause, if I do I might slip off wit tha lifeless
Beggin to tha lord, bring me closer to tha brightness
How can I fight this?
A bag of weed, feelin' loco wit my crooks, gotta skeem 4 cheese
My opportunity came so I grabbed it
Now I see my future in tha mist of all tha bad shit
Hopin I don't pass it, tryin' to keep a job and chill
But now thea's 2 things on my patience, have no time to live
Still feelin' like I'm young, but I'm old enuff
I must be trippin', get a hold of it, control tha stuff
Leave tha lust of my dealin' wit tha fools who want it
Keep on slangin though you'll find a betta way to get up on it
Listen homie it won't last long, wait till yo cash gon
You gon be feelin' bad cause you broke and you smash on
No mo sackin and flippin burgers from scratch
I'm in tha studio, rippin up tracks

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