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This song is by Mr. Criminal and appears on the album Criminal Mentality (2003).

{*Dial tone, numbers being dialed*}

Music playing softly in background:

Line Ringing:

Man on phone:

Mr. Criminal:
What's up homey? You ready to go drop this track? Or what dawg?

Man on phone:
Yeah, you know the figures for the... I gotta pick up the sax fool so you can blow it. You know what I mean?

Mr. Criminal:
Yeah, I'm on my way over there to Cesar's pad dawg, about to hook up on some bomb ass crank dawg head over there.
Roll up the fuckin' joint, dawg and drop this track dawg let's do this shit.

Man on phone:
5 for sure fool.

Mr. Criminal:
All right homey, lay it.

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