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The sleepless days go on
My voice gone hoarse
Brings down your playful mood
It's not like I'm exhausted or anything
I struggle to come up with the kindest words I can
You know I'm a tapestry of empty promises, right ?
Well I'm gonna use that tapestry to steal the future
So gimme a hand

I look down out on the city I'm all too familiar with
From the ferris wheel in the old theme park
Hey, let's give a little shout out to the people we were up to today
I found a light in your heart that doesn't go away
Even when I shut my eyes
A comet that gently & silently paints a faint arc
That will stroke your cheek

I won't tell you. You already too familiar with it, so I won't tell you
The sadness that I speak of will just make more sadness
I want to know, even still, I want to know
Overcome the logical reasons built up around me
Overcome that doldrum
Maybe it's because I've been neglecting to do my stretches lately ?
I can't quite open my heart, it's clumsy

But, we're the ones who will shoulder the future, light in the form of man
A comet shining bright that plays with the darkness
Can't find any thign to worry about don't fret, let's go find it
A prayer that lost its way
That you swore to one day make come true

A light that doesn't go away, even when I shut my eyes
A prayer left to the night sky
Somewhere out there it shines on, in a place no eyes may lay upon
Can't find anything bad, let's go looking together
A comet is always gently painting a faint arc
Stroking the night
A comet that continues to shine