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When I clench your hands, gone numb from the cold, in mine
I think to myself, “I wish I could stop time on this moment.”
Your peering eyes search mine for the hint of a lie
but you’ll find no such thing, silly. I respond with a smile.

I see dreams of our far off future and I fret
I go back and forth over it in my mind again today
I’d rather see where my heart goes with my own eyes
than manipulate the outcome, so I do my best to keep out of it.

Goodbye, goodbye, and so long
to the ugliness within me that threw mud on my dreams
Even if someone ridicules this defenseless dreamer
I want to hold onto that unyielding feeling, that wish.

If it seems like the places and things I’ve grown used to
are showing me a new side
it’s actually because my perspective has changed.
The reason I feel a sense of ill intent from words like
“purity” and “honesty” is surely because
there’s evil in me now too.

I try and forget but I always come back to thinking about it
No matter how old we get, everyone is pretty much the same
Those things we never wanted to lose, one after another…
add color to the history of our hearts.

If you’re not sure what to do next, just listen carefully for the current
you’ll hear as it flows from the mouth of your heart
and then all you have to do is set a prayer
like a ship made of the sasa leaf afloat
on that babbling, twinkling current.

Every time you laugh or smile
it stirs the heart
and that desire to be stronger
motivates me to be so

Don’t ever forget the light you have inside you.
I want to always keep watch over it so it never goes out.

Goodbye, goodbye and so long
to the weakness within me that stepped on my dreams
The sadness and loneliness, in all these tears we’ve cried
that sometimes fall, they will become a beautiful river,
upon which you can then set a prayer like
a ship made of the sasa leaf afloat.