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The scattered puzzle pieces
Sleep on the floor
They seem to reproach me
But there's nothing I can do

I don't even know anymore
What shape they were supposed to be
This is actually pretty artistic

I'll learn the consciousness that lurks in simplicity
Red, white, blue, yellow
I know, I'll have a cold beer

I choose the black and gold label
Try to drink it all in one gulp
Ah, ah, ah, ah, I feel alive

If someone tells me I look like I'm doing good
I start to feel like I am
And the wings I'd folded up start to unfold

"I look easily wounded, right?
But I'm actually quite strong"
Your words are so sweet, I nearly cry

I play the piano, but all that comes out is noise
There's no way it can reach you
I know, tomorrow I'll go to the pool

And I'll dive into the clear water and swim
As far as I can, as far as I can
Even if it hurts, ah, ah, ah
Ah, I feel alive
Ah, I feel alive