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"Don't think you can win armed with logic, stupid!"
"I know, but what else can I do? I have no choice"
"For all your power, you're not getting very far!"
"Shut up! You don't know how heavy this baggage is"

Playing dodgeball with my inner self on the other side
Threatening, running, catching, throwing it back

"I'm tired! Someone help me!"
I send out a signal
But no one's watching
And there's not gonna be a whistle calling "time"
So I'll just run til I can't breathe
Spreading shame
The iridescent clothes of my heart
Fluttering behind me

Those days when I'm useless and irritated
I give my tired body over
To a convenient love
And when it's over, I pretend to sleep
Huh? What am I doing?
I forgot, I don't know
When the sun beats down on me
I feel awfully guilty

This desire is always following someone else's lead
Before I know it, all I've got is things I don't want
Will I still make it in time to cool off?

A caterpillar stomped
On a haunted house
The agent says
It'll turn into a condo next spring
Once again the scenery that raised me
Quickly turned to gold
After I've soaked in sentimentality for a while
"Well, I guess you've got a point"

These days, society
If you don't force yourself to make enemies
You can't search for allies, you can't have a happy life

Even if I turn myself in
And admit I'm behind it all
No one's listening
And it's not gonna make my crime lighter
So I'll just run til I can't breathe
Spreading shame
Don't say it's a good time to quit, you amateur!
I can still run
And I'll run til I can't breathe
Spreading shame
Showing off
The iridescent clothes of my heart