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​Monkey Paw

This song is by Mourning Widows and appears on the album Furnished Souls For Rent (2000).

Stop. why does this keep happening to me
Zit for real. what's the deal
Stop. day and night the only friend to me
Is negative energy
Stop. what kind of voodoo shit is this
This is no accident
Freeze. no I got no reason
It's a co-incidence

He'll bring me all the luck I ever needed
He'll rid me of the bad

Stop. I'm fighting an imaginary war
Seek the curse and destroy
Iiii. went to seek the service of a witch
But of course I'm firehorse

I'm talking I'm talking monkey paw

Stop. been trying to get this monkey off my back
All along I was wrong
Stop. now I must restore some dignity
Sanity come to me
Ah. I'm finally free from all the chaos
Madness. hallelujah

He brings me all the luck I ever needed
And he rids me of the bad
He brings me all the luck I ever needed
And he's always there for me