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Stop Singing

This song is by Mount Eerie and appears on the album No Flashlight (2005) and on the EP Black Wooden Ceiling Opening (2008).

The possibility that if I stopped clapping
My hands in the void
I would notice that I can't hold on to things
The possibility that if I stopped using my voice
I would notice songs that, all around me, sing
Looms in weather,
Lives buried in my days,
With all my songs and rhythms going like
The darkness surrounding a flame.
It's what I don't say with my mouth.
It's my mouth open
To breathe in.
It's open windows.
Still, I go on and on describing the shape
Around the thing I want to but can not name,
In song
And, though my long life feels busy
And full of usefulness and drive,
I will sleep through every single dawn
And those I see I will not understand though I try
I will sing through every single song
About the spaces left when we stop singing
And I will sing this
With longing.

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