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​She Does It

This song is by Mott and appears on the album Drive On (1975).

Anything you want, anything you need, she does it,
She don't even care, if you make her bleed, she does it,
She can do it better than judy or suzie,
Wouldn't want to say that she's really choosy.
But if you find out that she gets about, just turn her round
If you're straight or bent, don't have to pay a cent,
'Cause she does it... free!
Only twenty-three, but boy you're telling me that she does it,
She can make you feel like a little schoolboy
Tie you up in knots, or she can be a kill-joy
But if you find out that she gets about, just turn her round.

She's more than just a friend ...
Girls like her are really hard to find,
Maybe it's her inquiring mind,
Don't know what it is,
But she makes me feel like this...

Come along with me, I want you to see how she does it,
Can't control myself, nor can no one else when she does it,
We can even see her at the same time,
Nothing's wrong with that, in fact she'll think it's fine
I don't mind if you don't mind,
So come on now before someone gets in ...

T henbeforetoolongyou'llreachthepromisedland,
Any problemsthatyou'vegotshe'llunderstand
She's more than just a friend ...

Written by:

Overend Watts Wikipedia16