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This song is by Motor Ace and appears on the EP Motor Ace (1999).

Yeah I know, nothing creeps here till I'm gone
Rest your eyes no one's home
Just like Venus you need to feel loved
If circumstances were different we'd f*^k
Tell my friends if you need to

She's indeed the kind to scare you
I'm sorry, I don't regret that I'm drinking
Yeah you're picturesque, I'm short of breath
'Cause I just don't know what you're thinking

Hey I'm lonely, young, impatient
Sucking breath from strangers yet again

Yeah I know we both lie here in our sleep
Dreaming things we'll never speak
But for some reason you seem to get hurt
By every tactic that's ever been learnt
Shave your head if you need to

Hey I'm lonely, young but I'm free
Don't wanna feel cheap, move, speak
Come back to lead the same path again, and again
And again

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