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The Divine Infection

This song is by Motionless in White and appears on the album Infamous (2012).

you don't need a disclaimer, you're not really famous
so get your fucking chin outta the sky
I will never stop till i'm on top
create a new diversion
virgins begging for a hit with original style.

I don't need a disclaimer to get into heaven
i know i've made mistakes, i don't need to be saved
holy ness is fucking televised
fakers profiteering
pioneer a new "religion" stealing money for “god"

crossed out
wrists bound
everybody get down
come on and get me, come on and get me

blacked out
ghost town
light it up and burn it down
you wanna blame me? you never met me

On your knees
just a slave to a god of nothing
try and judge me
(i'll) tie that rope around your neck and kick your throne out.

Fuck you

you don't need a disclaimer you're not really famous
so get your fucking nose out of my life
unprotected sex confession
sharing needles at the alter
father, fucking little kids, makes you holier than thou

Almost every major issue I see that faces opposition in the world today, is a product of religious bigotry or criminal intent in the name of God. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cant do or say? No thanks, Fuck you.

It's my life, my body and my love to give. Dear ignorance, I'll see you in hell.

There is no cure for The Divine Infection.

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