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Puppets 2 (The Rain)

This song is by Motionless in White, features Bjorn "Speed" Strid and appears on the album Infamous (2012).

I'm still not fucking over it

You play like violins in a broken fucking symphony
and i know this hurts for you but I have no fucking sympathy
infectious cold, I've spent living with neglect
yet I still can't let you go, and I'm still not fucking over it

I know my suffering's what keeps you alive
and I know you fucking love it.

6 years i fell for this love disguised in fucking misery
my sinking ship, will you be the fucking death of me?
you breathe only in withered lies, your perversion of distrust
now another full length down and we're still not fucking over this.

And when your eyes become the looking glass
through which only reflect the fucking past
conceived in poignant everlasting despair
you fell in love with the evil that you bare

I can't forgive, i won't forget
This dream was ours but you ripped it to shreds
There's no escape, i cant reflect
the distance kills me but your presence's a threat

I will stay with you and cut right through
Through the essence of all that once was "like new"
out of place but you turned away
leaving nothing but the mess that you made

you traded everything for a life of broken promises
at 23 i've fallen out when you left me with this bitterness
A frame of glass and a love thats built on sorrow,
Is a see through coffin for a heart that beats so hollow

I know this eats you alive
that which doesn’t kill you just fucks with your mind

for too long i have lived just another slave bound by your torment
but i am not afraid anymore

I am not your fucking puppet
The snow has turned to rain so now i hope your fucking happy

6 years i fell for this dead look your face.
When the rain has washed away, what will be underneath?

A midnight breeze of chilled unease, when we began amiss.
The haunting scent of autumn makes a scornful heart resist.
A longing bliss in carnal stints of thighs gracing betwixt your hips
The harvest moon drapes aloft these graven, tattered crypts

Please just let me let you go

and kiss the life from my lips
to show me a love not even death can resist
I am the boy with a thorn in his side
and i'm still not fucking over it.

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