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If It's Dead, We'll Kill It

This song is by Motionless in White, features Brandan Schieppati and appears on the album Infamous (2012).

Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the ugliest of them all?
severed, crawling like spiders
injecting poison

now, kill the bile spewing, the walking selfish living dead
I turn to rust and you play in all the filth that you've created
no love, no loss in the wake of your stupidity
show me where's your dedication

And when your dreams have come to end,
How will you buy your happiness?
And when yourself is all you have left
With what will you fill your emptiness?

You are the cause of mans dissolving evolution

Is my heart completely useless? Devoid the fake with full disdain.
What when your life is worthless? I don't think you'll fit the frame.

Fuck you, Fuck this, everything is distress
i don't give a shit if your ego is maniacal
I just want to watch you fucking die, motherfucker

I have come to crush you
and bring you all to your fucking knees
you are not fucking angels
and much less fucking kings

What have you sacrificed preserving what you love?
You're just a hollow shell, infecting who you fuck.
I just want to watch you fucking die, motherfucker

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