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This song is by Mothlite and appears on the album The Flax of Reverie (2008).

And in becoming
My sleepless state

For eyes unblunk
Are surely

These eyes are bound with secret knots
Phantoms lurk beneath the timbering hole,
The roar of thunder in the blue sky of noon,
In jesting the orchids, plumage, blood clots

Bees are honeycombing through the lions body,
Raven sharpens her beak on olding stone,
Lotus flowers breeding with baby dragons,

In jesting the frogs, feathers, frost
And in becoming, my sleepless state
Eyelids shuddering like petals in the breeze

Eye spoke,

The undying sun will never let us sleep
The undying moon will never let us sleep
The undying stars will never let us sleep