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Lady Godiva Blues

This song is by Mother Love Bone and appears on the CD re-release of Apple (1990).

Original video
A-giddy up
I said well

You can call me helpless
You can call me gone
Take it with my left hand
This rock and roll that I stand on

Can't kill a tornado
I can't cut 'em at it's knees
I've been in the boat child
Yes I've seen, a dotted line

I'm fixin' on the eighties
Lady Godiva Blues

Ray of sunshine
Let me call upon my star
Take a look around, baby
And see who the hell you really are

You're a mixin' on the eighties
Lady Godiva
This another year
Lady Godiva blues

How 'bout you
San Antonios
Louisiana with a Baton Rouge
Boom ba chicky chicky chicky, come on ma ma
Ha ha

A bring down the lights boys
I got a story to tell ya

Little mama Cassius
She lookin' oh so fine
Smellin' like captain crunch
And drinkin' all my wine

She playin' with juices
On the satellite TV
She drinkin' my Jack Daniels
And smoking all my reefers, yeah

I'm mixin' on the eighties
A Lady Godiva blues
I said a get it get it how 'bout you boy

San Antonios
Louisiana with a Baton Rouge
West Virginia mountain mama
She's a damn good friend of mine, boy
Yes she is

The line ain't no line no line, no line
Stone me, boy

Chicky chicky
Chicky chicky boom ba
Chicky chicky boom ba
Chicky chicky
A chicky chicky boom ba
Baby, baby
Baby, baby

San Antonio, Texas
You're a damn good friend of mine

Written by:

Jeff Ament / Bruce Fairweather Wikipedia16 / Greg Gilmore Wikipedia16 / Stone Gossard / Andrew Wood Wikipedia16