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When It Was Good

This song is by Mother Falcon and appears on the album You Knew (2013).

I close my eyes to see the sky
I bite my lips to feel again
How could I pour my blood for something so sure?
Knuckles turned white, I'll bleed for my word

Grind my teeth into the breeze
You held me locked without the keys
Now on elbows calloused knees
I've fallen in the land of hands where the blind can see

You swallowed me whole
You swallowed me whole

I've seen devils in the hills
Angels, hands filled with pills
Eyes closed, breath held, holding still
As not to stir, the purest morning fir

When it was good

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
I see I see I see

See a brave new world
It's crashing down around me

It's crashing down around me
It's crashing down

When it was good

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