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Rabbit Run

This song is by Mother Falcon and appears on the album Alhambra (2011).

I've been running
I've been running 'round
Searching for the
Searching for the sound

Running through my
Running through my head
It won't let me go
It won't let me go to bed

Dressed in all those grey muted tones
Makes me unnerved
Mud in the mouth, stagnant but loud
Clout that's unheard of
Taking a bow sweat on the brow
See through us all
Unforgiving believing that
All courtesy is a lie
All courtesy is a lie

And I, oh I, I keep running around
And you, and you, you keep on running away
(You sleep in sheets of doubt
Rest in your accusations
But I can't drown the sound
Of time ticking at my patience)

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