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Blue And Gold

This song is by Mother Falcon and appears on the album You Knew (2013).

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Black and blue
Gold and red

Anything to turn your head
So look at me

Don't just look at me

Claws of pain
Undying fame
To be the best at what I do
I just want you

I just

I know that it's not like this

Is that a dimple I spy?
I keep it simple I try
To talk to you
Love struck fool

Every day and every night
Before the kiss
Between the fights
I still come back

I will still come back because

I know that it's not like this
You know that it's not like this
How could this ever be?
In an exit scene starring you and me
I'm on my knees

Backdrops of black and gold
Flicker into red and blues
I'm on my knees
Cradling you

As gold and reds fade to
Blues and blacks
Anything to turn your back
So look at me
Will you just look at me?

Claws of pain that
Twist in shame
That tiny brittle metal ring that
Once had soothed
Now can only sting

It's not like this
It will never be the same
Just another game that I played
With you
I will never act the fool
You knew

You knew

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