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Spirits Of Christmas Past

This song is by Mostly Autumn and appears on the album Spirits Of Christmas Past (2005).

O! Down by the fire to warm the tears
A lonely boy, up to the sky he stares
At the white crowds gathering out there
Then all at once, a chiming bell
And out of thin air came pouring in
All the voices
The faces that he missed so much
Blinding fields of joy
From the calling of his heart

A winters tale, can't get enough
Through driving snow
We're on our way home to the party
And all the colours shining on her smile
She takes your breath away

As sure as Charles Dickens broke your heart
He calls you back from way so far away
In his cold sky
The dream never ends!

And to the west, we feel the joy
Of every red sky, calling out to Santa Clause
Yes he's on his way, you'd better be good
He's coming down your way
He can see you

As sure as Dickens broke our heart
He calls us back from way so far away
In his cold sky
The magic never ends!

O! Down by the fire a crowd of cheers
To the girls and the guys from all of the years
Raise your glasses
You can put your arms around him

As sure as Lord Nelson broke our heart
He's still the first one out in the dark
Look outside at the front door
Go ahead and let him in!

As sure as Freddie Mercury broke our heart
He calls us back
We touched the stars...

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